We apologize if your item is damaged or defective.

We at Sebago Philippines are committed to selling quality items to our customers.

We, therefore, take this matter seriously and hope to resolve this issue.


We will gladly accept your return of unworn items provided that:

  • The customer should give us the item’s original packaging and official receipt as proof of purchase. All are required for processing returns and exchanges.
  • For an in-store purchased item, we accept returns within seven (7) days. For online purchase, we accept returns seven (7) days upon receipt of delivered goods.

We have different Return and Exchange guidelines for in-store and online purchases. Please follow the guidelines listed below.


If you wish to return/exchange a defective item, please bring the following to the store you bought said item:

  • The original packaging
  • Your copy of the official receipt issued upon your purchase
  • Upon bringing your defective item to the store, please provide the items listed above to our Store Associate.
  • The Store Associate will determine if your defective item is eligible for immediate exchange/refund.
  • There are special cases that require our Head Office to further inspect your defective item and your request. If the Store Associate recommends this, please leave your item, your full name, and contact details with them. They will send this to us and will get in contact with you within the next three(3) business days
  • For other concerns or feedback, please contact us through +639177013367 or +639177018367 or customerservice@sebago.com.ph

Guidelines on Return and Exchange for Online Purchase

Before any Return/Exchange can be issued, please email the following details to customerservice@sebago.com.ph

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Contact Number
  • Your Official Online Receipt
  • A picture of your received item with visible damage
  • Short description on item (e.g. what is the damage? Is it a regularly priced item or on sale?)

Online purchases can only be returned through shipping. Please wait for our response to your email regarding your item before shipping your item to us.

Upon our email response, please send return shipments via your personal courier to:

Sebago Philippines
23 Guerilla St.
Barangay Sto. Niño,
Marikina City Philippines 1800

Please take note that all Return/Exchange Shipments will be processed on Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Be reminded that you will be responsible for return shipping charges (non-refundable). After sending your item, please give us at least three (3) business days to receive, inspect, and validate your request.

Please be reminded that there is a possibility that items may not pass our inspection and therefore will not be our liability. Please await our confirmation concerning your item and return shipment details.

Upon validation, you will receive an email or phone call for details concerning your Return/Exchange. If you wish to follow up on your return/exchange request, please contact us through:

+639177013367 or +639177018367

or customerservice@sebago.com.ph

You will most likely be given store credit that you can use to buy other Sebago items.

If a higher priced item is selected, you will be required to cover the remaining amount with cash. Remaining credit can be used for other Sebago items.